1. Do you give free consultations for prosthetic needs. I had bilateral Trans-metatarsal amputations with bilateral free flap heel reconstructions and several fingertip amputations. I would like to discuss my options.
    Thanks, Ian

  2. Good day

    My name is Kent Scott and i want you to assist me with this inquiry

    1.Availability of Knee Brace

    2.Types and model that you do have instock

    3.Do you Accept Credit Card as a Payment

    I will need you to response back to me on the above inquiry so i can proceed to make Purchase on that. Will appreciate a quick response from you soon

    Warm Regards Here
    Kent Scott

    • Hi Kent. Please contact our office during the day at (949)699-0600 to speak with someone about your needs. Thank you.

  3. Tyra, this is lance clawson from J & K orthopedics in pomona. I have given your name to a therapist at Casa Colina hospital who has a client who is in need of a kafo system that incorporates the fillauer Swing phase lock knee joint system. She asked for the name of an orthotist in so orange county that does quality work so your the guy I understand. If you haven’t done one of those, feel free to give me a call they are really simple as long as you follow a few cued steps.
    take care, Lance

    • Lance,

      Hi Lance! Thank you very much for passing my name along to the Casa Colina group. I have met with and evaluated your patient and will be proceeding when he is ready. I appreciate the opportunity to help this patient.

      Warm Regards,


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