What We Do

We are a provider of quality prosthetic (artificial limbs) and orthotic (orthopedic) devices.

The founder Tyra Rikimaru, CPO has provided quality care to all ages from newborns to the geriatric population.

Tyra is known to provide innovative devices tailored to each individual.

We provide care to all different types of diagnoses and pathologies with the main ones listed below:


Spinal (low back pain, compression fractures, spondylolysis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis)

CVA (cerebral vascular accidents, strokes)

MS (multiple sclerosis)

CP (cerebral palsy)

SCI (spinal cord injured)

BI/HT (brain injured, head traumas)

CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth)

GB (Guillane Barre)

Fractures, sprains, ligamentous injuries

Tone reduction, tone inhibiting devices



BE / AE (below and above elbow)

WD (wrist disarticulation)

HD (hip disarticulation)

AK / TK (above or trans femoral and through knee)

BK (below knee or trans tibial)

Symes, Chopart Lisfranc (ankle)

Partial foot and toe

Cosmetic and functional prosthetic devices of all levels

To see a list of devices click on Orthotics or Prosthetics from the home page

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