Now More Than Ever, Convenience Counts

This can be a stressful time — despite your best efforts and all the support you receive. Getting care from your prosthetist should not add to that stress. We’ve done all we can to offer conveniences that make this part of your rehabilitation easy on you.

Not only do we accept and file most types of insurance, our friendly office staff will verify your benefits with your insurance company in advance so you’ll have no surprises. We also have a convenient, handicapped-accessible location with a pleasant atmosphere you’re sure to appreciate. Tyra is available to you or your doctor virtually every hour of the day, and if getting to our office is not possible, he’ll come to you at the hospital or even to your home if needed.

If you’re rehabilitating after amputation, we offer the kind of experienced, compassionate care that gets the results you need. We look forward to serving you and helping you live your life to the fullest.
Complete prosthetic and orthotic care: Passive and functional prostheses • Specialty and sports prostheses • Cad-Cam designs • Preparatory and definitive prostheses • Cosmetic covers • Endo- and exoskeletal systems • Immediate postsurgical fittings • Mastectomy prostheses • Refurbishment of existing prostheses • Full line of orthoses, including those for sports, diabetic care and pediatrics • Cervical, spinal and fracture orthoses • Gait orthoses

With the features that make your care convenient: Accept, verify and file most major insurance, including Medicare and Medi-Cal • Quick turnaround for new devices • Convenient, easily accessible, handicapped-friendly location • Professional educational opportunities, including in-services • Hospital and home visits available • Extensive training in the use of prostheses and orthoses