IPS SMOs – testimonies

“After putting the device in her shoes, my daughter was walking straighter!”

Mother of patient

“I turned my foot inwards as I walked and once I received the orthotic devices, I had immediate relief. I walked without pain and with my foot straight.”

Barbara K.

“I spent 12 hours on my feet decorating my Christmas tree while wearing my new IPS SMOs. I was able to decorate my Christmas tree all on the same day using them. In the past, it would have taken 3-5 days to decorate as I would be limited in how long I could stand. Now my feet feel great! Thank you Tyra, I have a new lease on life.”
Nancy B.
Patient since 2013

“The custom SMO orthotic device provided by Innovative Prosthetic Solutions has changed my life. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with partially torn tendon in my right ankle. I was told that there was no cure other than a very complex surgery with very long recovery. My doctor advised me that surgery should be the last resort. I tried all kids of orthotics and walking boots with little result. About two years ago, a new orthopedic doctor prescribed a custom SMO orthotic device. Thanks to IPS, I am now able to play tennis, ski, and walk for miles without any pain. It took about a month to get used to the device, but now I don’t know that its there and most importantly, no pain!
Highly recommend IPS.”
Paul, W.
Patient since 2016


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