What Makes Up A Prosthesis: Components Lower Extremity

Depending on amputation level, there are different parts to a prosthetic device including suspension type. Below, you will find common basic components that make up a prosthesis so that you can have a better understanding about what makes up a prosthesis. Designs and componentry selection can defer from prosthetist to prosthetist depending on patient presentation, activities and goals. This is determined via K-levels (take a look at our K level post for more information: https://www.ipsprosthetics.com/what-are-k-levels/ ). For further questions please contact our office we would love to help you. If your level of amputation defers from images shown below and you would like more information on what might work for your clinical presentation please call (949-699-0600).

Below Knee Prosthesis

Above Knee Prosthesis


  1. Hi Jeff! Thank you for your inquiry. Yes there are both an above knee and below knee Martin Bionics Socketless Socket designed sockets. You are welcome to call my office during the week and set up a phone appointment in which we can answer and address your specific questions. I look forward to talking to you.

    The office number is (949)699-0600

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