IPS carbon AFO – testimony

“My wife immediately noticed a huge improvement and difference in the way I was walking and standing” E.W.


My first appointment was today, and I am so happy I found them!  Honestly, I Googled to find a good Prosthetic Orthotist, after a bad experience with another locally, and went based on great patient reviews. I have worked in the medical field most of my life, and have never met such a group of nice, knowledgeable, and dedicated medical professionals! As a patient, myself, I have never experienced such true caring and eagerness to help. Tanja, the Office Manager, is so welcoming and friendly, from the first phone call onward, that she feels like a long-time friend. Tyra, the Certified Prosthetic Orthotist, is exceptionally patient and experienced, with a true passion for his work. Jessica, his Assistant, is sweet and a creative thinker, and they are a superb team. Tyra and Jessica both told me this is not a job for them, rather a rewarding feeling to be able to brainstorm and come up with ideas that change and better the lives of people. Wow, when do you ever hear that from your doctors?? We get our metered 15 minute visits, and then are dismissed. Not here! Tyra and Jessica treated me like I was the only person in the world and spent all the time I needed to try on leg braces, then made a mold of my leg to custom design their own unique brace to help me walk again after failed Achilles rupture repair. Tyra also fit me for a very comforting back brace, since I suffer from 2 failed back surgeries, and he watched me struggle to try to walk with both a bum back and a bum leg. Jessica was tossing suggestions to Tyra, telling me how much fun she has helping people, and she quickly made a perfect cast mold of my leg. Tanja will work tirelessly to get the tedious insurance paperwork done, and still give you a warm smile. I could go on and on, and I will, I will post again at my next visit when my leg brace is ready! I wish I had found these people a long time ago, but am glad I found them at all, they incredibly rare. I feel hope for the first time, today, thank you IPS!

Jackie, C., August 2020


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