Prosthetic Care: Liners and Sleeves


The steps to take to keep your prosthetic sleeves or liners clean are simple, but fundamental. Keeping the liner clean is essential for avoiding problems further down the line such as skin breakdown, skin rashes and infections.

  • Wash the inside of your prosthetic sleeve or liner with warm water and a mild odorless detergent. This is particularly important for prosthetic liners that maintain contact with the residual limb’s skin the whole day long. Daily cleaning of the inside surfaces of the liner with a mild detergent removes any traces of grease of dead skin cells.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Again, this is important to make sure that no detergent residue remains on the liner that could cause irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive.
  • Carefully dry the inside of the liner with a dry cloth; hang and let dry overnight.
  • It is recommended to clean weekly (or daily, if your skin is particularly oily) with an alcohol-soaked soft cloth. Carefully wipe the entire interior surface of the liner with the cloth and then thoroughly dry with a clean towel.


  • Always keep your liner/sleeve away from radiators or other sources of direct heat.
  • When not in use, put the foam padding inside to help keep its shape: try not to leave it lying flat for long periods of time
  • Never leave your sleeve/liner partially inside-out

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