BK prosthesis

“I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident in 1998. Living in Paris, France I was never fit with a prosthesis that I could tolerate wearing. I was referred to Tyra by a surgeon and flew out to California to meet with him. I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and engaging manner. Once I made the decision to work with Tyra I really came to appreciate both his understanding of amputees as well as his knowledge of the products and then those which would best suit my needs. As with all things in life this is a process and we learn by doing. Tyra learns and teaches well with his clients and that keeps me coming back as well as his on going efforts to not only get it right but to always improve. Tyra immediately helped me to start putting my life back together when he fit me with my first comfortable and properly fitting prosthesis. Had it not been for Tyra I could not be doing today what I used to do and that is walking, dancing, and hiking.

Thank you Tyra and the entire staff.

Ted Robinson


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